Wedding Season in Cape Cod!

It’s summertime, which means just one thing: wedding time!

Our good friends got married the other weekend in Brewster, MA, in a lovely resort called the Oceans Edge Resort. I had never been to the Cape before, and I had an awesome time. Here are some of the highlights:

Sailing in Provincetown:

Sailing in Cape Cod

The sailboat ride was fun, just a leisurely 2 hour cruise through Cape Cod Bay. You could see the Pilgrim monument and if you tried really hard, you could almost see Boston. Provincetown itself was a cute, quaint little city – full of novelty stores, handmade jewelry, some of the best lobster rolls ever (if you’ve never had a lobster roll, its amazing – nothing fancy, just a bunch of lobster in a dinner roll, but OMG delish). There is also plenty of beaches and its fun just to watch the tide go in and out, especially from one of the many restaurants along the water where you can sip on a martini or whatever floats your boat (pun intended).

We stayed at a nice, and relatively low cost, motel called the Cove on the Waterfront in Orleans, MA. Calling it a “motel” seems unfair, as it was just as nice as most hotels and we had great service. We were a little worried about quiet hours starting at 10:00 PM since we were on West Coast time (so it was really like 7pm), but we didn’t have any issues or problems. The Cove had a really nice outdoor area too, so we’d stay there again in a heartbeat.

Another highlight of the trip (besides the wedding, of course) was a local bar in Orleans called Land Ho. My girlfriend was feeling sick one day so I went by myself and the locals were super nice – one guy even bought me a pint and everyone at the bar was super friendly and chatty. I also think they had great food, and could really go for more East Dennis Oysters right about now :)

And finally, the wedding itself was very elegant and well done. Ocean’s Edge is right on the edge of the ocean (imagine that!), so we had a breathtaking backdrop to enjoy for the wedding. The ceremony itself was in the green area in front of the Mansion which was very lush and beautiful, then the reception moved to the outdoor terrace overlooking Cape Cod Bay, followed by the indoor ballroom where we enjoyed dancing, cocktails, and great times with great friends. Here is a pic from the reception:

Oceans Edge Reception in Brewster MA

All in all, my first trip to Cape Cod was a great one. My only complaint is how difficult it is to get from Phoenix to Cape Cod – there were no direct flights, and even when you land in Boston its a 2 hour drive. Add insult to injury, our rental car was a Chrysler Sebring, one of the ugliest cars since the Pontiac Aztek, so it was a two hour drive in a ugly car, LOL.

Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to make a guest post or have any inside stories I can blog about – I’d appreciate it!

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