Spending the holidays in Florida

Palm Tree

A Palm Tree in Stuart, FL

Ever year my family and I spend Christmas in Florida – while it’s certainly no “White Christmas,” there is something to be sad for a relaxing, sun-drenched vacation over being really cold and dealing with snow! One of the main reasons I enjoy Florida Holidays is that our family can enjoy the great weather outdoors – we go boating, fishing, kayaking, play tennis, and do tons of other things we otherwise wouldn’t get to do if it were cold out. This past year we caught a tuna, five snappers, and two mahi-mahis – try doing that ice fishing!

Another awesome thing about Florida is the wildlife you’ll see year round – seeing alligators and pelicans are very common, but if you go on a boat ride you’ll likely also see manatee and dolphins too!

Manatee Zone Sign

A sign indicating you are in a Manatee Zone

But perhaps even greater than the outdoor activities, wildlife, or shopping, is the awesome dining in Florida. If you’re a seafood lover, you’re going to be in paradise. Most of the fish & seafood you can find in restaurants is caught nearby, extremely fresh, and cooked to perfection. From all you can eat seafood buffets to high-end restaurants, you can pretty much eat seafood all day, every day, no matter what the occasion or what you’re in the mood for ambiance-wise. A lot of my favorite restaurants are along the water where you can watch boats pass by, often themselves carrying in a day’s catch of fresh fish.

If you’re considering a holiday in Florida, there are a lot of choices on where to stay, and how to get there. Personally, on the Atlantic Coast I am partial to West Palm Beach or Miami, due to their vast selection of dining, nightlife & entertainment, cultural activities and awesome views of the ocean. In central Florida it is tough to beat Orlando with endless golf, amusement parks such as Disneyland and Sea World, and a whole host of other fun activities for the family. And on the Gulf Coast, do not miss Naples, FL if you are a golfer or shopper, as this ritzy area is a duffers delight.

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