My Vacation Recommendations for the WM Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale

WM Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale

A Picture I took at the Waste Management Phoenix Open This Year from Our Corporate Tent on the 17th Hole

As a Scottsdale/Tempe area local that is a travel enthusiast, I know the lay of the land here pretty well. I recently had some out of town guests visit for the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale. Typically, this is the first stop of the PGA tournament, and is widely attended due to it’s emphasis on great fun and great weather. For most attendees, it’s an excuse to have a few beers and enjoy being outdoors in the warm Scottsdale weather. In other parts of the country it’s cold and snowy, but even in February, Scottsdale is usually in the 70s or 80s and sunny.

Here are my tips for going to the WM Phoenix Open:

  • Saturday is the busiest day, and concludes with a fun party at the Bird’s Nest (a giant tent located on-site). The band that played the last two years is Of A Revolution (O.A.R.) which puts on a great show. It’s worth going Saturday if you are going to be outdoors and drink beer.
  • If you want to go to actually watch the golf, consider going on a weekday. It’s less crowded, easier to watch golf, and there are less partiers and hooligans that could potentially spoil your time. I went on both Thursday and Saturday and enjoyed both days tremendously, but for entirely different reasons.
  • Wear sunscreen! Even if its cloudy. I was burnt to a crisp and I’m used to the sun! Also wear chapstick with some sunblock in it.
  • Dress the part – wear your most ridiculous golf clothes. It adds to the fun!
  • Parking is horrible. If you are coming from out of town, stay somewhere nearby and take a cab, or find a friend to give you a ride if you’re a local.
  • Do NOT drink and drive. Scottsdale is probably the worst place in the US to do so – mandatory jail time and they patrol it very heavily!
  • The 16th hole is known as the “party hole” so go there or avoid it depending on your preferences.
  • The beer garden near the 18th hole has games, beer, and food, as well as chairs to sit down in, if you lose interest in watching golf.
  • The golfers are typically done by 3:30 in the afternoon, so get there early if you want to catch the action. You can go to the beer garden afterwards.

Here are some places I recommend staying if you’re coming from out of town:

My Top Choice:

  • The JW Marriott Desert Ridge Luxury Hotel & Resort in Phoenix: Located very close to TPC Scottsdale, this expansive resort has it all. The pools are a destination in-itself, the food is top notch, and the whole campus is beautiful. I’ve attended a few talks and conferences here and everytime I’m blown away at how impressive this place is. They also offer vacation rentals that have full kitchens and 1-3 bedrooms for families and groups.

Other Recommendations in the Scottsdale and Tempe area:

  • Fairmont Scottsdale Princess – the host hotel to the WM Phoenix Open and TPC Scottsdale itself. This resort is beautiful – but can be very pricey. It is definitely highly recommended!
  • The Buttes Resort in Tempe – Really close to the airport, super nice, and features one of my favorite restaurants in the area, Top of the Rock, that is beveled into the side of the mountain with breathtaking views of the Phoenix metro area.
  • Camelback JW Marriott Scottsdale: Much like JW Marriott’s Desert Ridge property, this place is beautiful, expansive, and a great value. This resort is located in the South Scottsdale area, which is better if you’re looking for nightlife and dining in Old Town and Fashion Square.
  • The Ritz-Carlton – it’s the Ritz, what more can I say?
  • The Arizona Biltmore – Phoenix’s most famous resort. It’s nothing short of awesome. It’s pricey though, so be warned, budget travelers! You can often find good deals during off-peak times, but during the Open good luck with that!

As always, let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below!

2 Responses to “My Vacation Recommendations for the WM Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale”

  1. I was in Scottsdale last week and played on the Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale and it was amazing. I hadn’t played on such a nice course in a while. They told me the greens had just been installed by Evergreen Turf. Pretty sure the fresh sod really made a difference, it definitely reminded my why I love visiting Scottsdale where I can play on such a reputable course, like TPC Scottsdale and the plethora of other course in the area. Thanks for the tips for the WM Phoenix Open I talked to a lot of people while in Scottsdale about it and they all said it is worth the trip, so hopefully I can make it out for next years.

  2. Yeah, my buddy actually has evergreen turf in his yard since he didn’t want to deal with mowing and watering and such – it’s pretty nice (a bit pricey though). Even his dogs don’t seem to mind it’s not real grass :)

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