Two Week Honeymoon in Belize

Sunrise in Ambergis Caye

It’s been a while since I posted, but fear not – I’m back! My life has underwent some major changes recently, most notably getting married to the love of my life. We decided to celebrate the occasion by taking two weeks off to visit a new country – after some deliberation, we chose Belize, and put together a two week itinerary you’ll see here. For those thinking of honeymooning in Belize, perhaps this post will help steer you in one direction or another, and maybe help you put together your travel plans and where you want to stay as well…


Why Belize?

After considering places from Hawaii to Thailand, we chose Belize for several reasons:

  • Second biggest barrier reef to Australia with GREAT snorkeling. No need to know how to scuba dive as the reefs are all pretty shallow and snorkeling gets you more than close enough to the action.
  • Very affordable – hotels range from $30/night and up, and even in the most touristy areas you can stay in very nice accommodations for about $100-150 per night at most. The food is cheap as well. The only pricey part is sometimes the expeditions, but those cover a lot of expenses – boats, meals, tour guides, etc.
  • English speaking – this made it easier for us, and we didn’t want to have to deal with language barriers on our honeymoon
  • Safe – self explanatory
  • Accepts US Currency – very hassle free
  • Easy to get to from the US – one layover in Houston and you’re there!
  • Good mix of relaxation and adventure – if you want to sit by the pool and drink all day, you can! If you want to go explore, snorkel, see Mayan Ruins, etc, you can do that too! I don’t do well sitting by the pool all day for longer than a few days at most, so I loved that Belize had a lot to explore and see and do.
  • Beaches – some people will tell you the beaches in Belize aren’t that good. I think it depends on your perspective. The seaweed does pile up, so they’re not great for going for swims directly off the beach – but, the beaches are still great for laying out, relaxing, etc., and nearly every beach has  dock nearby you can jump off of to get a cool down. You won’t go surfing here, but the beaches themselves are still more than fine for your lounging needs!


Planning Your Trip

With two weeks you have more than enough time to see the highlights of the country. We chose to visit three places: Caye Caulker, Ambergis Caye, and San Ignacio. You could squeeze in a fourth destination within two weeks if you wanted to, in which case I might recommend adding Placencia to the mix. For each destination I have included to my TripAdvisor review of the hotel we stayed at, so you can check that out too (and be sure to give me a Helpful vote if you indeed find it so!).


Caye Caulker

Time Spent: 4 days

Where we stayed: Seaside Cabanas

I think this was my favorite part of the trip, and where we started first. Caye Caulker is very underdeveloped and remote, with no paved roads and the entire island just a few miles long and easy to get around by foot. The island is split down the middle, known as “The Split” and no one really visits the Northern half. There are some nice restaurants and bars all long Front Street, and you can get plenty of excursions off Caye Caulker from snorkeling to sailing to kiteboarding. Caye Caulker is best for just relaxing by the pool and taking everything in, and is a very low stress, laid back island atmosphere.

Be sure to check out:

  • Swimming in the split – every night at sunset, nearly the entire island gathers at the split to watch the sunset and take a swim, as pictured above (third picture from the top). The water is warm, the scenery is beautiful, and life is good!
  • Fresh fish – every day there is fresh red snapper that is caught nearby and brought to the island for dinner. Some restaurants forgo a menu all together, instructing you to go to the cooler and point at the fish you want them to throw on the grille!
  • A snorkeling trip – we took one by sailboat (pictured above – second picture from the top) to the Hol Chan Marine reserve and it was amazing. Be sure to put sunscreen on your back, otherwise you will be VERY burnt (ask me how I know!).
  • Relaxation – Caye Caulker is all about unplugging and relaxing. There are no roads, no cars, primitive sewage, and no glitz and glamor – it’s a great break from city life…


Ambergis Caye

Time Spent: 3 days

Where we stayed: Carribean Villas

Ambergis is more touristy and is often described as the “Key West” of Belize. If you want more restaurants, shopping, luxury hotels and hustle-and-bustle, Ambergis is probably more your pace. Here we got beachside massages, went on a snorkeling trip, rode bikes around the island, rented a sailboat, and shopped and hung out in the downtown area. The food is a step up from Caye Caulker and there is a lot more nightlife to enjoy on Ambergis, so it’s more of your traditional island experience in that regard. If you want to party, have more modern amenities, and be surrounded with beauty – Ambergis Caye is for you.

Be sure to check out:

  • Palapa Bar – pictured above, it’s very cool
  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve – you can access this from either Caye Caulker or Amergis, but it’s a must see…along with a swim in Shark-Ray Alley
  • Dining & Nightlife – great food and great bars along the beach, along with dance clubs and all sorts of other fun attractions. You can spend week on the island and still have new places to try out
  • Watersports – you can rent a sailboat or jet ski here and check out all of the beautiful ocean waters. There is also kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and any other watersports you can think up of!


San Ignacio

Time Spent: 6 days

Where we stayed: Midas Resort

Venture inland to see Mayan Ruins, go cave tubing, or check out the ATM. We saved this for last and spent 6 days in San Ignacio going on expeditions and tours. The food isn’t nearly as good in San Ignacio (say goodbye to all of the fresh red snapper, and hello to rice & beans and “American” food that isn’t quite as good as in America), but there is much more culture and it feels like a different place altogether. The climate also changes significantly, it is much less windy and more humid as you’re now near the rainforest. You do have to watch out for mosquitos and other bugs when you’re here – which are much less a problem on the islands thanks to the constant breeze.

Be sure to check out:

  • ATM Cave Tour – it’s really neat, but try to go on a day where it’s not too crowded. You’ll need a certified tour guide for this, and cannot enter without one.
  • Caracol & Big Rock Falls – this was our favorite tour. Caracol is home of these amazing Mayan Ruins, then we stopped at this beautiful waterfall on the way back that was just surreal to be at (pictured below)
  • Cave Tubing – relaxing yet cultural…


If we had to do it over…

I wouldn’t change much. I might do one day longer in Caye Caulker and one less in San Ignacio, or I might try to squeeze in Placencia instead. Belize was definitely one of the most memorable vacations of my lifetime, and something I’ll cherish for decades to come…I highly recommend it!

5 Responses to “Two Week Honeymoon in Belize”

  1. Thanks for the informative post. My fiancé and I are planning what amounts to the same Belize honeymoon (substitute Caye Caulker for Placencia) and stumbled on your blog. Your description matches the best of what we are hoping for! We had one question – how did you get around between the different areas? We were trying to decide between renting a truck or arranging for transportation (bus, cab, hired driver, etc.).

  2. In Caye Caulker we walked everywhere, it is really small. In Ambergis our hotel had bikes for free, so we rode those during the day and got taxis at night. When we went inland to the Cayo district we did mostly guided tours that included transportation. People do rent cars here, but personally I wouldn’t want to be responsible for that – the roads are pretty rough, with crazy speed bumps (they call them “sleepy policemen” lol).

    However, Caye Caulker was definitely our favorite part! I’d definitely recommend at least going there for a day, or taking a water taxi over there for a day while staying on Ambergis Caye – it’s really neat!

    You’re going to love the trip, and congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

  3. Nick, Thanks for the post. My Fiance and I are about to book our honeymoon to Belize this coming August. We’re looking at doing 3 nights inland and 5 on Ambergis Caye. One thing we are worried about is that August is the wet season. Was There a lot of rain when you were there? Doesn’t look like it from your great pictures. Thanks!


  4. It was fine when we visited, only one rainy day in the 12 or so days we were there, and that’s when we were inland!

  5. Meghan June 11, 2015

    This is excellent information. I’ve been reading up on Belize and it’s tough not to go overboard trying to see too much. I am also thinking two weeks and your schedule breaks it down nicely.

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