Tuscan Wine Tasting in Florence (Firenze), Italy

Florence Wine Tasting

Photo by Earth Trekkers on Trover

Tuscany is home of some of the best wines in the Italy (and perhaps the world), so a trip to Florence may not be complete without trying some local wine. Florence is also a short drive from Chianti, so wine enthusiasts can opt for a full day or half-day trip to Chianti to enjoy breathtaking vineyards of that region. If you’re planning a trip to Florence, here are some of the best ways to experience amazing wine, as well as explore the local wine culture.

Enotecas, Cantinas & Vinainos

Florence features many wine bars (known as Enotecas), wine cellars (known as Cantinas), and smaller shops known as a Vinainos, for sampling wine at all over the city. Vinainos are small stands located outdoors where you’ll enjoy a glass of wine and maybe a light appetizer while standing in the street. The wine cellars are great options if you want a tasting room experience where the sommelier will explain the wines to you without the hassle of traveling to a vineyard. Meanwhile, enotecas are great places to unwind for the evening and stay for a while.

Winery Tours in Florence

There are wineries in Florence, although they’re outside of the city center and typically smaller, family owned wineries. Check out Excusiopedia for some great options for guided tours, or check out The Vineyard at Florence, The Windmill Winery, or Bibi Graetz. Most wineries in Florence are just tasting rooms or wine cellars (Cantinas) and not the vineyards themselves, as most wine proprietors tend to choose Chianti to grow their grapes given the region’s long history in wine culture.

Winery Tours in Chianti

If you really want the best experience, you should plan a day trip to Chianti. Here, you will see the grapes and vineyards firsthand, and experience some of the most amazing Chiantis of your life. Excursopedia offers several guided trips based out of Florence that include transportation to Chianti, and these trips range from a half-day to full day depending on how many wineries you may want to try.

Wine with Dinner

Of course, the easiest way to taste wine in Florence may be to order it with your meals. As is common in most European countries, drinking wine with lunch or dinner is very common in Florence. Most wait staff is typically very familiar with wine offerings and can recommend wine pairings for your meals, and nicer restaurants have full-time sommeliers that are available to recommend what wine to order for the table. Italy names their wines based on the regions the grapes are grown in (e.g. Chianti, Tuscans, etc.) rather than the type of grape in the wine (e.g. Chardonnay). Typically, Italian wines are blends of several grapes, so ask your waiter about the the characteristics of various types of wine to gain further appreciation of the regional wine, compared to what you’re used to drinking at home.

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