Spring Getaway – I’m on a Boat! Edition

I’ve decided to plan a little spring getaway to take the lady and I somewhere special. My girlfriend is in graduate school and her semester will be over in a little over a month, so that seems like a pretty good opportunity. I’m not really sure where I’d like to go yet, but as someone that grew up surrounded by water (Lake Erie) but now lives in the Sonoran desert, I think an ocean getaway sounds pretty nice. I’ve always wanted to rent a sailboat and cruise through the British Virgin Islands, but I think that would be a little too much work for just the two of us. Not to mention renting a yacht is kind of out of my range.

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A friend of mine sent this link for some pretty neat Caribbean cruises by Liberty Travel. They’re actually not that expensive, plus I wouldn’t have to worry about skippering a yacht around. Better yet, they have all-inclusive deals so I could eat like a king and drink like a fish. I’m not usually one for fruity drinks, but a strawberry daquiri in the Carribean on a mega-huge cruise ship sounds pretty nice to me right now.

In the short term, I do have a little travel coming up – I’ll be traveling to visit a client next week in South Florida. I’ll be there less than 24 hours so no daquiris or yachts for me, it’ll be strictly business. We will be going through Fort Lauderdale & Boca Raton however, so maybe I’ll at least get to see some water and look at a boat, haha. I’m sure there will be an upcoming post about it coming soon, so I won’t spoil anything quite yet.

Anyone else have some fun, low-stress vacation ideas for a late spring/early summer getaway for two young people? All inclusive is definitely a plus, I’m a growing boy. Warm weather is also a must, I have no interest in being cold. Leave me some of your ideas in the comments section!

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