BP Oil Spill & Gulf Coast Travel – the Oil Free Guarantee

Gulf Coast Beaches

The beaches of the Gulf Coast are oil free - guaranteed!

Marriott Hotels & Hotels.com are offering oil-free guarantees to help ease the fears of those wishing to travel to the gulf coast this summer but are worried that BP’s oil spill environmental disaster will ruin their trip.

  • Marriott is offering a refund of 50 percent of the room rate for each day that the beach is officially closed and a full refund to guests who cancel before their arrival. More details here.
  • Hotels.com is offering an extended cancellation window to the day of arrival for participating hotels in Florida – More details here.

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This is a great move by the two hospitality giants – and hopefully it will work. Tourism is extremely important to the Gulf Coast and that industry is still recovering from Katrina. Tourism money not only helps out all of the hotel owners, but ALL of the local businesses as the majority of vacationers go out to restaurants, patronize local attractions, go shopping, and generally spend a good deal of money at locally owned venues.

For travelers, now is the ideal time to travel to the Gulf Coast. Not only will you have a nice trip, without having to worry about the oil spill ruining your vacation, but you can feel good about spending your money at  a destination that really needs it. Your vacation budget will go to struggling business owners that have been tragically impacted by the irresponsibility of a careless oil company. The money you spend on vacation will help those businesses survive, which in turn pays taxes and helps fund city and state initiatives to clean-up any environmental hazards that occur in result of the oil spill.

So if you’re planning a trip – put the Gulf Coast at the top of your list. I’ve traveled to New Orleans, Mobile, and all along Florida’s Gulf Coast and there is a unique culture and vibe there that’s definitely a refreshing alternative to your usual vacation destinations.

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  1. Good post…we need more like this across the Internet. I recently did a piece for the Huffington Post on tourism highlights in the Gulf states (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-appell/great-gulf-coast-beach-va_b_622299.html), and on Tripatini.com, the travel social network I co-founded, we’ve been maintaining a section devoted to Gulf Coast travel updates. You can access it via http://www.GulfCoastTravelUpdate.com.

  2. Awesome contributions David. I’m kind of new to the travel social networking scene but I’ll sign up for Tripatini now. Keep up the good work!

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