Top Travel Infographics

the top travel infographics

Infographics are an increasingly popular way to display some cool information in a visual way. While sometimes the visual effect can be cluttered and confusing, when done right it’s a very effective way to communicate a message. They’re especially cool when they present facts about travel (or whatever the subject matter) that are unique, odd, funny, or just plain entertaining.

Here are some of my favorite travel infographics I’ve seen to-date – I’ll be sure to keep this updated as I find more that I like. If you’ve created a travel or hospitality related infographic, contact me and let me know!

1. Pigs, Planes & Urine – this infographic by sums up some pretty crazy stats about the travel industry, and then presents those stats by relating them back to some pretty funny analogies & comparisons.


2. Mr X Goes on Holiday – here’s another cool one from travelmatch, which describes how the typical British family goes on vacation (holiday). Scroll below and you can see a similar one for US travelers as well!


Travel Infographic - Mr X Goes on Holiday


3. How America Spends Travel & Leisure – this one from shows some trends for US travelers – while it’s not as nice as the UK one above, it’s still a nice & to-the-point infographic on how Americans travel.


Travel Infographic - How America Spends Travel & Leisure


4. The Social Travel Revolution – this is a cool infographic (to me, anyway) from because it shows how people use social media to make travel plans. I know I personally lean on friends for advice & suggestions on where to go & what to see, but its mind-blowing to see the aggregate numbers & just how influential social media is for making travel plans!


Travel Infographic - Social Travel Revolution


 4. 50 Most Popular Tourist Destinations – this one is simple yet really useful, made by It lays out the top 50 travel destinations worldwide. I’d love to make this my “bucket list” of places I’d like to see before I die – I can cross off all of the ones in the US already, but very few of these internationally.


Travel Infographic - 50 Most Popular Tourist Destinations

 5. How Do You Plan & Pay for Vacation Travel – here’s a great one from Ally Bank describing how people plan vacations & how they pay and budget for them. A cool take on the travel infographic idea that relates back to Ally’s core business of banking & finance.


Travel Infographic - How Do You Plan & Pay For Vacation Travel?

6. Your Seat Prices Explained – here’s a funny one from comedy site explaining the differences in seat prices on an airplane. It really goes to show how much a ticket on the same plane can vary in price!

Travel Infographic - Your Seat Prices Explained

7. Travel Rudeness – this infographic is from, which explains all of the different kinds of rude travelers you might encounter. It’s pretty funny and oh-so-true about all of the annoying types of people you might encounter in an airport!

Travel Infographic - Travel Rudeness

I hope you enjoyed this post! As I said earlier, if you know of any that didn’t make the list, feel free to contact me or leave a comment below and I’ll give it a look!

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