Must Have Travel App of 2010: TripIt

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TripIt is awesome – for anyone that travels, even if you don’t travel that much, it’s a must have app for your smartphone. I have it on my DroidX and it makes traveling so much easier. Airline tickets, or even emails from airlines, totally suck at details. They tell you when you’re going to depart, but they never tell you when you’re going to arrive, and then when you figure that out you need to pull up another email to find your hotel reservations, yet another for your rental car, etc. It’s a hassle, and everything is dispersed.

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TripIt consolidates all of your travel reservations into one very simple, very easy to use app. It isn’t anything complex, but that is part of what makes it so handy – it does one thing, and it does it really well. You can really quickly and easily find the times  of your flights, confirmation numbers, maps of the surrounding areas, and the critical information you need to get from point A to point B.

Importing your travel reservations is simple too – just forward them to from your email address and they’ll take care of the rest. This is especially nice for me, as any business travel I have is booked through our corporate travel agent, and the format in which they give me back my travel plans is so horrendously awful it might as well be written in sanskrit – but I can take the gibberish, sanskrit-like email from my travel agent and simply forward it to TripIt and make them figure it out.

Another cool thing is the social aspect – you can see where your friends are (that have opted to friend you on TripIt) and you can have TripIt auto-publish travel plans to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, which helps you broadcast where you’re going and can sometimes foster impromptu meet-ups with old friends.

The last cool thing about TripIt is the data aspect. TripIt keeps track of where you’ve visited and lets you visualize it in some pretty cool ways – it’s pretty neat to look back and see where you’ve been, how many miles you’ve covered, etc. I didn’t start using TripIt until midway through 2010 but here is my summary from the last half of the year anyway:

TripIt Travel Summary

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