Marriott is first in the Hotel Industry to Build a Green Prototype

Marriott's Rendering of its Green Hotel Prototype

I’m a little suprised it took as long as it did, but Marriott announced a new hotel prototype it has developed that will meet LEED standards straight from the design and can be utilized and scaled for countless future hotel buildings. This new prototype will debut in the Courtyard brand and then be implemented more widely in other Marriott family brands including their extended stay brands such as Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn & Suites and Springhill Suites (sidebar: why so many extended stay brands, Marriott?).

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While many other hotels have obtained LEED status, most of those hotels were retrofitted and remodeled to meet LEED standards, or built as one-off designs to meet LEED guidelines. This new prototype by Marriott will build be re-used to create many new hotels that are green right from the opening day – saving lots of valuable time and money down the road, both in design expenses as well as energy savings.

Personally – I’m shocked its taken this long to develop such a prototype. Saving the environment and green lodging is not a new concept – but I’m happy for Marriott that they’re leading the way and hope other hotel chains will follow suit and develop more standardized & scalable prototypes for green hotels as well. Marriott figures project that the prototype design will save six months in design time per hotel, as well as up to 25% on the monthly energy & water bills and $100k in overall costs – this seems like a prototype that was worth investing in! The hotel chain has over 3,000 hotels worldwide and generally adds several new properties a month.

Another interesting note on this story is how confused it made folks. Check out the comments in this TechCrunch. This prototype is NOT the first green hotel, as some confused commenters seem to believe TechCrunch & Marriott are implying – what is unique is that it is a prototype that will be re-used many times, as opposed to other hotels that meet LEED but their designs aren’t intended to be replicated and reused frequently, if at all.

Marriott is no “noob” to the Green hotel trend – afterall, they built the first green hotel in the US, the Marriott Inn & Conference Center, University of Maryland University College. This same hotel also won an award for the longest and most annoying name ever (I kid, I kid…but seriously, thats a mouthful).

As I reported earlier in the month, the aloft Tempe was the first hotel in my area to achieve LEED credentials, and I think we’ll see more and more of this to come. Leverage a prototype design means each and every new hotel Marriott builds can meet LEED standards quickly and easily without any added design costs to the owner or franchisee.

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