DoubleTree by Hilton – Branding & Loyalty Through Cookies

doubletree cookies

I’m pretty loyal to the Hilton family of hotels whenever I travel, primarily because (1) I want to accumulate the points/status within one chain (2) they have a very consistent experience no matter where I travel, which means no surprises and consistently good service. DoubleTree has to be my favorite brand within the Hilton family, and I think a large part of that is due to the cookies. As crazy as that sounds, I love the cookies both from the perspective as a guest and as a marketer. It’s a great detail and really nice perk. It’s also just a really memorable thing to do, which helps me recall previous stays at DoubleTrees (because after a while, all hotels start to blend together) and want to stay there again.


DoubleTree invests big in their cookie strategy (a cookie strategy! Did I really just say that!?). The famous chocolate-chip walnut cookies are part of all of their branding – from Pinterest to Facebook, signage within the hotel, and much more. Every time you check in you’re welcomed with a cookie and if you’re like me, you visit the front desk a few more times during your stay to request more cookies. Even their customer satisfaction survey asks guests if they got a cookie and if the cookie was to their satisfaction!

I think this is genius marketing. Not only is the free cookie a nice perk in itself, especially after a long day of travel, but it subconsciously conjures a feeling of home baked cookies, like you’re on the road but you’re “home” too. A soft, delicious cookie makes us feel much more welcomed, puts the traveler at ease, and starts the visit off on a good note.

Thanks DoubleTree for all of the cookies, and kudos to the marketing genius that pitched the idea…

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