Decline Housekeeping, Get $5 at Starwood Hotels

I found this on my nightstand while staying at the Westin Columbus last weekend for a wedding – I snapped a picture to remind myself to blog about it because its such a cool initiative. The initiative is called “make a green choice” which was originally announced on their Facebook page and elaborated on – but I’ll summarize it here:

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Decline housekeeping, get a $5 voucher.

That’s pretty cool – create an incentive for guests to be more eco-friendly by giving them a $5 credit on the house. The money the hotel saves on housekeeping probably makes it more than worthwhile on their end – on top of that, the hotel encourages you to go to their restaurant or hotel bar where you’ll almost inevitably spend more than $5. It’s a great business model that shows being environmentally friendly can be not only economically viable, but possibly lucrative.

If anything, $5 seems a little stingy – but hey, I like the spirit – create an actual incentive to be green, other than the usual environmental-guilt-trip they usually advertise (e.g. re-use your towels and save the environment). I’m sure it will be much more effective in getting guests to re-use towels and sheets and save a lot of laundry & cleaning detergents from getting wasted. In fact, $5 seems like the perfect amount to enjoy a nice draft beer at the hotel bar while I admire myself for being so eco-friendly.

Unfortunately I didn’t actually get to use this voucher since I was only staying for one night, but it seemed pretty easy to do – put it on your door knob and you’re all set.

It will be interesting to see if other hotel chains adopt similar measures both to cut costs and boost their green credentials.

Nice work, Starwood.

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