Why are all Airport Bathroom Entrances Designed the Same Stupid Way?

The most annoying design ever...

Dear Airport Bathroom Architects & Designers,

Quit designing bathroom entrances like the diagram above. I don’t like being herded like cattle, and I don’t like brushing up against other dudes while trying to squeeze in and out of the entrance. Also, my rolling carry-on doesn’t fit through it worth a damn. It is like you intentionally designed it this way to torture us, and I hate you for it.  Anyone that has ever flown on an airplane can identify with this. If you’re going to continue to design bathrooms like this, instead of using doors like everywhere else, at least make the passage ways wide enough to fit 1 average sized human being plus their luggage through it, mmkay?

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Upon digging through various searches on airport bathrooms (most of which had to do with a certain US Senator and his tapping feet), I found a few reasons why nearly all airport bathrooms are designed this way:

  1. Accessibility Compliance – there are no doors, so those in wheel chairs could get in and out without needing to open a door. This would be believable except the passage ways are so narrow I don’t know how anyone that is handicapped could ever fit through it…
  2. Hygiene – no door knobs to touch, so you can go straight from washing your hands to exiting the restroom without needing to touch anything. This is credible, especially in airports which are known to be a place that you’re prone to germs & colds.
  3. Security – there are no doors, so you can’t lock people in or out. This seems fairly credible too.
  4. Airports are designed to make you miserable – they really, truly are, particularly the bathroom.

What’s strangest to me is that all airports have this entrance/exit design – it’s like a vast conspiracy against the frequent flyer to make the bladders explode, as we’d all prefer to hold it then deal with this crap. The only other place I see this design is occasionally at ballparks and large stadiums, but no respectable establishment like a theatre or restaurant would ever pull this kind of crap.

So I beg thee, airport bathroom designers, if there truly is a credible reason why it has to be designed like this, can you at least make it a little more carry-on luggage friendly? And seperate the entrance from the exit like most stadiums and arenas do, so at least there isn’t two way traffic trying to cram through these tiny little passage ways?

Anyone that has ever flown out of a public airport

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  1. I’m not really sure about your complaint. I’ve never found these restrooms to be so much of a hassle. Although I do agree that airports are designed to make you miserable.

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