How To Dress Well For Airport Security

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Next stop…the Airport!

Back in the day, flying was a rare occasion usually only afforded by the rich, and was almost a status symbol of sorts – and in that era, people used to dress really very nicely whenever they flew, opting for three piece suits and freshly shined shoes for men, or elegant dresses and elaborate outfits for women. Much like going to church, flying in an airplane was an occasion to get dressed up and don your best clothing.

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Gone are those days, as flying is no longer either a status symbol, or something that anyone consider a “special occasion.” These days, it is very easy to find last minute airfare for cheap holidays, and instead of it being a privelege you look forward to, visiting the airport is something you dread as you go through rigorous security lines, x-ray machines that can see you naked, random security checks, not being able to carry more than 3 ounces of liquids, and other stressful & unpleasant parts of flying & airport security.

So how does one dress well for the Airport in the 21st century? You optimize your outfit selection for the security screening.

Here are my tips for dressing right for getting through Airport Security easier & quicker:

  • Don’t wear jewelry – pack it instead, as it is only likely to set off the metal detector and cause you a headache
  • Avoid belt buckles & other metal – try not to wear a belt with a large belt buckle (or better yet, skip the belt altogether), and avoid any clothing with with a lot of metallic items like full length zippers
  • Wear slip on shoes – having to untie and re-tie your shoes is a pain, so try to find a loafer, moccasin, sandal, clog or other shoe that doesn’t even have laces to begin with…slip them off, walk through security, and slip them right back on
  • Don’t wear a jacket – you have to take it off to go through security, so you might as well just pack it ahead of time
  • Dress comfortably – you have a long flight ahead of you, so dress comfortably, and wear your favorite pair of jeans or most comfortable outfit to help you relax
  • Layer up (wear several layers of clothing) – Airplanes tend to have inconsistent temperatures, where it can get very hot in the cabin while the plane is still at the gate and the engines aren’t fully on, and then really cold once up in the sky and the AC is on full blast and the external air temperatures are much cooler too – being able to add or remove layers will help you stay at a comfortable temperature
  • Don’t worry too much about your make-up or hair – no matter how hard you try, you won’t look that great when you get off the plane…it’s best to wait until after you land to hop into the bathroom and clean yourself up

Those are my tips – what are your tips for staying comfortable & dressing well for flying?

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