Buying Miles from US Airways – How Long Does it Take for the Miles to Appear In Your Balance?

US Airways Plane

I recently went to book a flight using my US Airways Dividend Miles but was a few thousand miles short of the total amount of miles I needed. Flights were super expensive to buy-outright so I decided I wanted to buy miles, but unfortunately I didn’t have any time to wait for the miles to transfer to my account – I needed them now.

I called US Airways and asked how long does it take for the miles to appear in my Dividend Miles balance once I purchase them?

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Their response – they immediately transfer once your credit card is charged.

I then purchased the 7,000 miles I needed and sure enough, they appeared in my balance within 1-2 minutes of me clicking the “Buy Now” button. I then booked my award travel and had a confirmed reservation in another few minutes.

Speaking of which, right now is a great time to buy miles from US Airways – they are offering a 75-100% bonus on all miles purchased, effectively a half off sale! I purchased 7,000 miles for about $100, not bad at all…you can use this to close the gap on any award travel you are planning on taking, or possibly to obtain first-class upgrades on longer flights. Either way, it’s a great deal! And with a US Airways Mastercard you get 5,000 off of any award travel you book, so I saved 10,000 miles on my award travel by using my US Airways Mastercard, allowing my girlfriend and I both to take about $1,000 worth of airfare for just $100 out of pocket expenses (plus about 68,000 miles I had earned through bonuses, flights & credit card rewards).

Off to Columbus, OH we go, and I continue to be a happy & loyal US Airways customer.

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