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Flying Virgin America

I flew Virgin America for the first time today for one of my semi-regular trips from San Diego to San Francisco. Normally I fly US Airways or Southwest, but Virgin was actually the cheapest option and I had been wanting […]

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US Airways Gold Status – Review & Thoughts

I’ve been flying US Airways loyally for almost two years now, as I started traveling for work a lot more heavily and realized that if I were to consolidate my miles I would qualify for higher & higher levels of […]

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Flying First Class or Flying Private: What’s For You?

I was recently approached by Ryan Franklin of for a guest posting opportunity, and as someone who gets upgraded to first class a lot (thanks, US Airways) but has only flown private once (thanks, Jeff!), I asked him what […]

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Top Travel Infographics

Infographics are an increasingly popular way to display some cool information in a visual way. While sometimes the visual effect can be cluttered and confusing, when done right it’s a very effective way to communicate a message. They’re especially cool […]

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Travel Hacks to Earn More Airline Miles

Recently an article on titled “How Frequent Fliers Exploit A Government Program To Get Free Trips” explained how travel hackers were buying thousands of dollars worth of coins (with free shipping) on their credit cards, then immediately depositing those […]

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Free Tablets For American Airlines First Class Passengers

If you fly first class on American Airlines, they’ll loan you a Samsung Galaxy Tab to play with on the flight. This is a really & innovative and smart perk -I first read about this on Mashable, and the more […]

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