My Ski Vacation Bucket List

Ski Holidays
Next to traveling itself, dreaming about where I’d like to travel is one of my favorite activities. I’ve skied throughout the US, but my hope is to hit some foreign slopes soon. Without further adieu, here is my bucket list of ski holidays I’d like to check out one day, along with a bucket list of Apres-Ski cocktails to enjoy after a long day of skiing:

Lake Tahoe, California, USA

I’ve been to Tahoe several times, and love everything about it. It’s super close to San Francisco, it’s got a great vibe to it, and the skiing is fantastic. Tahoe is tough to beat.

Apres-Ski Cocktail of choice: Beer & pizza from Le Chamois at the bottom of Squaw Valley

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

I’ve been to Wyoming before to go fly fishing, but never taken advantage of it’s skiing. Known for it’s challenging slopes, rough terrain and steep drop-offs, Jackson Hole appeals to the thrill-seeker in me. I think I need to practice a little more before I’m up to the challenge, but one day I hope to conquer Jackson Hole…

Apres-Ski Cocktail of choice: The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Beer at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Vail, Colorado, USA

I’ve been to Vail before, but only a few hours. The runs are magnificent, and Vail Village is a ton of fun. I want to return and spend a few days here, both to take in all of the runs, as well as to hang out in Vail Village and do some shopping, eating, and drinking. Vail is an excellent place, you just need to have the money to afford it.

Apres-Ski Cocktail of choice: Hot Chocolate & 151 at the bottom of the slopes in Vail Village next to a fire pit

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

They hosted the Winter Olympics recently, and Whistler is supposed to have the best skiing in North America. It’s also not far from Seattle, so I think you could make a pretty nice trip out of it. Whistler, you’re on my radar.

Apres-Ski Cocktail of choice: Whiskey at the Garibaldi Lift Co, located slope-side (ideal for people watching)

French Alps, France

Specifically, I’d like to check out Chamonix in the Savoy Alps, a favorite ski destination among Europeans. I think this would give the full experience, and nothing sounds cooler than skiing the French Alps.

Apres-Ski Cocktail of choice: Champagne, obviously.

Banff Springs

There are several resorts to choose from, great terrain all around, and situated within the Banff national park, which I’ve always wanted to see. The famous Fairmont Banff Springs is also there, which is definitely part of the experience.

Apres-Ski Cocktail of choice: Ice Wine

Zermatt, Switzerland

Beautiful & unique, I’d love to check out Zermatt – Matterhorn in Switzerland. Open 365 days a year, I’d like to go in the summer to tide me over between winters here in the US. This is where many of the European ski teams train, and it’s one place that nearly every travel guide recommends.

Apres-Ski Cocktail of choice: Irish Coffee at the Hotel Post


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